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Cybersecurity Mapping

VLI’s Cybersecurity Mapping Platform helps regulatory bodies build nationwide cybersecurity maps of systemically important organizations across industry verticals. The nationwide cybersecurity map provides regulators with situational awareness of nation state and nation state-sponsored criminal attacks against utilities, banking, finance, healthcare, military, and civilian government agencies.

  • Dashboard view of Indicators of Compromise (IoC) for each systemically important organization of interest in the regulator’s Cybersecurity Mapping initiative.  
  • Continuous and scalable tracking of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) infrastructure used by adversaries to deploy and command malware, exfiltrate sensitive information, and conduct sophisticated emergent attacks.
  • Identify APTs without installing new software or requiring privileged access to organizations’ networks. 
  • Enriched Threat Intelligence on adversary emerging Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). 
  • SaaS cloud-based solution meets industry and government security standards and data residency requirements.
  • Privacy-preserving solution that does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Key Benefits

VLI’s Cybersecurity Mapping Platform key benefits include:

  • Sector-wide vantage point of Nation State and Criminal Cyberattacks. 
  • Early warning system for orchestrated nation-state attacks.
  • Evidence-based Attack Attribution for nation-state sponsored attacks.
  • Proactive, coordinated, and data-driven technical and policy responses.
  • Foster collaboration in forensics and responses without sharing sensitive information.
  • Operationalize an otherwise time- and cost-prohibitive capability.